Killer Products was founded in April 2007 by Nils Kristiansen & Andy Vestergård. Both have designed and developed a wide range of products such as hi-tech stainless windows, x-ray devices and products for bicycles.

Sadly Nils past away from cancer and Killer Products is now run by Andy Vestergård.

The company is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and is focused on designing products that have very high quality and usability.


We keep things simple and are committed to make that shine through in every product we develop.

Besides having a passion for great design and quality, we also enjoy driving and restoring classic VW’s and Porsche’s and some of our products will be specifically for these wonderful cars.


All products are designed by us and are produced in the EU.
We do not outsource to Asia or anywhere else because the pay and working conditions of workers in these countries is incongruent with our moral beliefs.

Beyond this, we also enjoy the close contact and relationship we have with our suppliers.